December 22, 2017-1

This is the post excerpt.


So, this is what my life has come to. I’ve started a blog using this really unnecessarily complicated site. Anyway, hello. I have decided to change my ways. Of life, that is. I have come to the sad conclusion that my life is what I make it. And for the last 19 years, I’ve had a pretty average life. Great school experience, great childhood friends that come and go, great parents that got divorced (but whose don’t), and now I’m here in the real world. Well, college, and I want some f*cking substance. Now, my goal here isn’t to go get arrested and get a face tattoo (but if that happens imma need one of you bitches to bail me out). No, my goal is to start saying “yes” and “f*ck it” and “f*ck me” every day of my god damn life. I believe that this mission is not only a way to “find myself” but it’s away to free myself of society’s bindings on how I act, how I look, and who I am. So for the next twelve months with the help of my dope f*cking friends, some alcohol, and a LOT of weed, I am going to live the best life I can, week by week and document it all here. Now for your fantasy and imaginary purposes I have decided to remain anonymous so any names I use are fake. -ayw